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cara memakai jilbab faris

cara memakai jilbab faris When I was a teenager , I was the girl who really enjoy these times . I have many friends and is active in school . My values ​​are quite satisfactory and was never troubled . Like the young women in general , I started to pay attention. I am very proud of straight black hair and silky smooth . If the wind blows , I feel very beautiful , because hair is a crown of a woman .

When a school , I look normal, just like other children . Schools with a knee-length skirt , short-sleeved shirt . If I walk with the family , I wear short sleeve shirts , jeans and other casual clothing . Absolutely not crossed my mind to wear the hijab . It seemed a pity if my beautiful hair should be covered with a cloth very tightly .

Although I am not veiled , I followed the Islamic Da'wah extra curricular Youth Agency ( BDIR ) . I ignored it while viewing another BDIR members all wearing the hijab , I just chasing points . My school enforces the points that will be included in the report card as proof of the liveliness of the students . The higher the points , the better . So began a day -to-day changes that I feel in my heart .

Initially I used to only come on when the meetings are held once a week . There is a special event for young women named BDIR Keputrian , ie activities which discusses how should a Muslim attitudes and behaviors . From there, I know that is mandatory for a Muslim woman to cover her entire body , except the face and palms . As there is a strange taste in my chest .

Normally , I used to just look at my friends and seniors in Keputrian event , but for some reason , on that day , I felt they were beautiful. As there are gorgeous glow from within them . Suddenly my heart was moved to look like them . I want to be a Muslim who loved God , by obeying all his orders .

When I expressed my intention to my friends , their reactions varied . Anyone agree and support , there is also a saying "Not yet lah .. you do not have to wear closed affection like that ? 'll Work hard to know .. " or " Tim, you're still not frivolous behavior so want to wear the hijab , benerin first heart you , " and so forth . Hhhh .. I can only sigh . I admit , I was not quiet and gentle girl , and even tend to be relaxed and cool , but it does not mean I can not change . At least , I could learn to be better , from the outside and from the inside .

I felt unstoppable desire , I say to the mother . Kinda scared too , because my decision would add family expenses . I had to buy a long dress , buy jilbab and so on , while my family was not well off . But unexpectedly , my mom and dad agree . Even those who are happy to take me picking out my dress and veil for . Even a mother willing to sell a gold ring to buy some clothes for me . " It's okay , Nduk , happy mother's why if you want to change for the better , " said the mother when to sell his ring . When I cry , I promised to myself and mother , I would keep it polite appearance .

When I had to wear the veil , many of the comments that have sprung up . Some are happy , some sneer , some funny comments . All I responded with a smile . It's okay , I close my crown with another crown more beautiful . The heart feels more comfortable and secure . Honestly , at first I was confused , even still wear the hijab without proper rules . But little by little I learned , exchanging knowledge with other Muslim friends , this is what I enjoy the process .

Now , I remain faithful to wear clothing as it should be a Muslim . All the way I like facilitated , even no trouble when I apply for a job . I can still work without having to remove the identity as a Muslim .

Who said making someone so ugly and rustic ? I still feel beautiful , from the outside and from the inside . To be sure , after wearing the hijab , I no longer sloppy as ever. I wear clothes that automatically gradually soften my behavior , my heart , and my speech . Do not be afraid of not being 'sold ' or hard to get a mate for wearing the hijab . Since I met with the pious man , good and hard worker , who is now two years as a husband and father of our little baby .

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