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cara mengecilkan perut secara alami setelah melahirkan

cara mengecilkan perut secara alami setelah melahirkan How to shrink the stomach but it can be done in a pleasant way . If you like rock , then shrink the stomach with belly dance this could be one alternative option to get slim stomach ideal.

Belly dance is a traditional dance from the middle east are now starting much favored by women . Many fitness centers or places that provide specialized training program accompanied pelathan belly dance with an instructor .

But this time you can follow the movement of belly dance at home or anywhere without having to be accompanied by an instructor . To get started, listen completely phases of belly dance movement to shrink following as quoted from vemale.com .

Shrink Stomach With Belly Dance
The first step you should do is warming . The initial step of heating is intended to weaken the muscles and prevent cramps . You can start from the neck, shoulder, arm , body , until the bottom of the foot . Or it could be warming up by running a small place .

first Step
The next step after the completion of heating is a standing or sitting position with a robust body . Then tighten the abdominal muscles. Hold for ten seconds, then Breathe . Repeat these steps three times .

Then , taut muscles and Breathe together. Breathe normally with fixed tighten these muscles , do not hold your breath . Perform the movement for one minute .

Then Relax your body and do breathing gradually . Repeat several stages of the first movement step above until you start to feel comfortable and familiar with tense muscles and breathe simultaneously.

Last Step
Now you have to stand up , then imagine you 're separating the upper body and lower body . Tegapkan body position , then move the right foot forward with the position of the tip of your toes pointing slightly toward the side.

Next , move the hips up and down by eight count. Perform the same steps with the left foot . Then repeat the movement alternated with a faster tempo .

Do some movement last stet repeatedly until you get used to the movement. To avoid monotony , you can add some variation of motion with your arms, hands , or turning motion .

For those of you new to belly dance movements may be a little stiff as they have become accustomed . But if you do this consistently then you can motion like a real dance belly dancer . And of course to give the effect of narrowing the stomach leading to weight loss cara mengecilkan perut buncit. Have fun!

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